Beryt Nisenson

Beryt K. Nisenson

Producer. Writer. Field Producer.
Master storyteller.

Beryt Nisenson knows how to tell a good story. With a background in television journalism coupled with marketing expertise, she is able to weave story points into a visual tale that engages viewers and achieves specific results.

Emmy award-winning writing and producing.
Hassle free field production.
Candid, credible interviews.
Interview-driven programming.

That's Beryt Nisenson.


Visit the new video portfolio! Beryt has produced all kinds of documentaries, reality shows, spots and videos. If you don't see a topic you're looking for, just contact her! Chances are, she's done it!

Featured Work Sample

HealthWorks: The Silent Predator

The concept of this program was simple: to create awareness about the growing epidemic of Hepatitis C. But how do you interest the public when the subject matter is the very “non-sexy” liver disease?

Visit the portfolio to find out.


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